After the Lights went out

It was an amazing show! The 16 days it was up felt like they went in a flash. The highlight for me was that people wrote their interpretations of each piece and now I have an awesome selection of the artwork.

There is such a variety of opinions and interpretations that I would have never thought of and would have never saw without everyone's minds.

So thank you all! This was a dream come true and there will be much to come as new collections come to light. And will be posting these interpretations to this site as soon as possible!

Dominick Ricciardi

Closing Nite

  1. Made it to the final day of the BAFFA Gallery showing of the "After the Noise Clears" collection. This has been an amazing show and been so proud to display my work to so many people and get so many interpretations of what people see in each one.
    Today from 12-4pm I am having the closing day with food and refreshments. And an awesome Henna Tattoo Artist will be selling Henna Tattoos for anyone who wants one!
    This has been the proudest time of my life and if you haven't seen it yet come and check it out would love to show it to you!

  2. BAFFA Art Gallery
    47 Gillette Ave Sayville
    12pm to 4pm

Opening Night

Well opening night was a awesome success!

People enjoyed the events the meditations and the food!

I gave my speech on the how this all began and what the processes were to making the art. And the response to the artwork was way beyond what I could have hoped. Pieces were sold and may books were sold. I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who got a piece and will have it in their home the feeling is indescribable.

The gallery will remain open until the 16th of this month at the BAFFA Gallery in Sayville. They will be open on TUES / THURS / FRI10am to 1pm   and on SAT and SUN from 12pm to 4pm and I will be there on the weekends throughout the run!

Come to see the gallery of work and enjoy what we have put together. I have 24 pieces on display on 20 inch by 20 inch  aluminum and would love to talk to you! 

Dominick Ricciardi