About Dominick Ricciardi

After years of study to find the commonalities in the various religious mythologies, thru his abstract pieces, Dominick found a way to bridge religious symbolism, studies of mathematically theory and his love for art.

Using the commonalities in math and geometric shapes found in common religious mythologies, a piece starts with a sacred geometric pattern and as the piece evolves religious symbols and patterns seem to reveal themselves.

The piece isn’t finished until symbols or philosophical patterns are revealed.  

Dominick Ricciardi has been a professional Photographer and Artist for 15 years and spent nearly 20 years as an Audio Engineer and Pianist.

During his time in music, Dominick wanted to try different mediums in which he could create as he felt.  The work began to feel more like creating with someone else`s paint. Photography and Digital Media allows him to put his vision to life on his own terms.


The hardest person to talk to is yourself.

If you listen,

it will be amazing what you will have to say.