On October 1st at 6PM the opening reception for the FOLDED GEOMETRY COLLECTION was held at the BAFFA ART GALLERY in SAYVILLE.

On display were 26 pieces selected from the Full 56 piece "After The Noise Clears Collection"

And were designed from Sacred Geometry and printed on Gloss Metal.

The Show ran from Oct 1st to the 16th and the turnout was intense!




Cor meum

Dominick Ricciardi is an Abstract Artist and Photographer. His art is based on sacred geometry and ancient religious mathematical patterns.

Each piece begins with a simple shaped sacred geometric pattern. And using these simple shapes, new patterns arise to create new forms throughout a sometimes chaotic piece .

Every piece is interpretive.  Most don't see the same things.  That is what makes each piece a living work or a introspective view of who you are on a subconscious level.